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Sgt. Billy Holbert

Billy has been a police officer for over 20 years in the State of Texas.  He has worked Patrol, FTO, SWAT and K-9.  He is currently the K-9 Sergeant / Trainer at the Allen Police Department where he has been since 1997.  He has been working canines since 1999 to include 4 partners of his own.  Billy is a Certifying Official / Instructor in “Patrol” and “Narcotic Detection” with NNDDA (National Narcotic Detector Dog Association) and has instructed in numerous National Conferences.  He has also served as a Trial Judge for many competitions to include the K-9 Trials at the Texas Police Games for several years.  Billy has had the opportunity to work with multiple departments in establishing new K-9 programs and/or evaluating their current ones.  Billy looks forward to continuing his path in K-9 and the future opportunities it will bring to train with K-9 teams and departments across the Nation.

Curtis Steger

Curtis Steger started his career with the Dallas Police Department in 1990.  In 1992, Curtis was selected to be part of the Dallas Police Department Specialized Crime Unit (Deployment). While working the Deployment Unit, Curtis was responsible for the surveillance of high crime areas. He and his unit were able to apprehend multiple, violent crime suspects.

In 1993, Curtis was selected and transferred to the Dallas Police Department SWAT team.  Curtis’ duties consisted of, but were not limited to entry team, door breacher, sniper, rifle instructor, ballistic shoot house trainer, executed dynamic, high risk search warrants, hostage rescue operations, providing motorcade for Presidents of the United States, and distinguished dignitaries afforded a motorcade.  He also provided Counter Assault Team (CAT) assistance for the dignitaries and Presidents of the United States.  Curtis was also responsible for training and certifying SWAT officers with their rifles.  In addition, he trained patrol and SWAT for Active Shooters and Rapid Response.

In October, 2005, Curtis transferred to the Dallas Police Department Canine Squad, where he is currently assigned.  In 2012, Curtis became the trainer for the Canine Squad.  Curtis’ duties consist of, but are not limited to, Canine Trainer, teaching patrol techniques and drug detection to handlers and their K9 partners.  He has successfully selected 7 canines and trained them along with their handlers. Curtis certified the teams in patrol and narcotics.  He has performed countless narcotic warrants with DEA and assisted the Dallas Police Department Patrol Division with felony apprehension and narcotic search arrests.

Curtis has been certified by the Texas Commission of Law Enforcement (TCOLE) as an instructor.  In addition to the instructor certification, Curtis is also certified in the following areas:

·         TCOLE Instructor Certification

·         Canine Conference

·         Strategic National Stockpile (SNS) Motorcade Training

·         Bloodborn Pathogen (CAT program)

·         Tactical Medical Course for SWAT Officers

·         Tactical  - Advanced Crisis/Hostage Negotiation Course

·         DMST/Weapons of Mass Destruction Training

·         Dallas Medical Strike Team Training

·         First Responder to a Barricaded Person

·         Basic Rappelling and Helicopter Ins

·         Chemical Agents/Less Lethal

·         Duty & Weapon Entry Skill Enhancement

·         Terrorism School

Conference Instructor Bio's 

Bob recently retired after 31 years with the Niagara Regional Police in Ontario, Canada.  The majority of Bob’s time has been on the Emergency Services side of policing, serving with both the canine and tactical teams.  Bob’s operational experience includes commanding over 50 major incidents such as hostage takings and barricaded gunmen situations giving him a great understanding of the need for the integration of both Canine and Tactical Teams.   Bob came to Policing after serving as a Sergeant in the Canadian Army, with operational experience in the Middle East. 

Bob’s primary interests are tactics and officer safety.  He has been very active instructor at seminars and conferences throughout North America for more than 25 years and continues to provide expertise worldwide through his company, L.E.S. Consulting.

Bob is a qualified expert witness and has authored numerous articles on the use of Police Service Dogs and Tactics. Bob has a Master’s Degree from the University of Guelph, a Bachelor’s Degree from Brock University and a Diploma in Police Management from the University of Western Ontario.

Vince Bingaman is a 28 year law enforcement veteran with the last 18 years in his department’s canine unit.  Currently a trainer for the Phoenix Police Department and working his third patrol dog his responsibilities include team selection and training from basic academies through the advanced tactical applications of a police service dog.

Having the opportunity to deploy a working patrol dog in a large urban environment as well as the experience gained in training/instructing in numerous venues all over North America has given Vince the knowledge to separate theory from what works on the street.  All of the training techniques and tracking applications taught have been tested in real time scenarios and are street proven.

Vince is also a certifying official and instructor for the National Police Canine Association and has spent the last 13 years as a consultant for Bob Eden’s International Canine Conference.  Utilizing his experience and knowledge, combined with that of other respected experts in the industry, Vince has assisted numerous agencies in placing safe and effective teams on the street.  Courtroom experience includes testifying as an expert in canine use of force and consulting/opining for city attorney in litigation issues.

 Bob Eden is a 28 year retired police veteran with over 35 years of dog training experience in law enforcement, military and personal protection applications. In his final years of law enforcement he was a detective with the Combined Forces Special Enforcement Unit investigating organized crime.  Early in his career he developed the Delta Police K9 Unit and served as the lead police dog trainer for the Department for 16 years.  He is the author of two books, "Dog Training For Law Enforcement" and "K9 Officers Manual", and currently working on a third. In 1988 Bob was appointed to the B.C. Police Commission's committee to create minimum police dog training standards for law enforcement agencies in the province of British Columbia.

 In 1991 he created and developed the International Police K9 Conference in an attempt to bring a professional training seminar to officers which was not politically oriented or specific to any particular style of training. The intent was to support all officers in methods which meet their specific needs.

Jimmie Davenport recently retired as a 20 plus year member of the Austin, Tx. Police Department.  He has spent 16 years in the K9 Unit.  His duties have included setting up advanced training within the his K9 Unit for new and experienced handlers.

Officer Davenport also has been a SWAT K9 for ten years and has helped design the SWAT K9 program currently in use.  Officer Davenport has also written K9 training columns for SWAT magazine, Police K9 Magazine and International Police Working Dog Association.

Steve Lathrop is former Patrol Sergeant with Maine’s largest sheriff’s department covering 14 towns and three islands, an area spanning over 860 square miles. While working in law enforcement he was a Dual Purpose K9 handler/ trainer. Steve was also his department’s K9 Unit supervisor dedicating himself to producing some of the best K9 teams in the state. He has been training police, military and personal protection canines for the past 25 plus years. He was also instrumental in establishing Maine’s Law Enforcement Academy training standards for all canine teams in Maine. Steve is a veteran member of the department’s tactical team serving as core entry, team leader, designated marksmen and team commander. He has provide K9 assistance to many agencies including the U.S Marshals, DEA, and U.S Coast Guard, along with state and local departments. After his law enforcement career he has gone on to travel the US, South America and Middle East training canine teams in all disciplines.  Using his experience and knowledge Steve shares his passion for consistent positive reinforcement training techniques in a way that all can understand and learn from.

William (Bill) Jones


            William has been a police officer in the state of California for over 25 years. He is currently a police officer with the Modesto Police Department. Prior to Modesto Police Department William worked for 10 years with The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department. He has been working with Canines for 14 years. During William’s 14-year career in working canines, he has worked 2 Canines, both being a German Shepard and Belgium Malinois. William along with his canine partners have won numerous trophies in competition in W.S.P.C.A trials. This includes in the 2008-competition season overall- “Top Narcotics Canine Team” and “Top Competitor”. Both he and his canines have been credited for hundreds of arrests and seizures of both narcotics and money.

            William is a certified “P.O.S.T” canine evaluator and instructor.  He is also the former President of the Modesto Police Canine Association, which is a non-profit organization.

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