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We welcome our new training staff in Texas

Sgt. Billy Holbert

Billy has been a police officer for over 20 years in the State of Texas.  He has worked Patrol, FTO, SWAT and K-9.  He is currently the K-9 Sergeant / Trainer at the Allen Police Department where he has been since 1997.  He has been working canines since 1999 to include 4 partners of his own.  Billy is a Certifying Official / Instructor in “Patrol” and “Narcotic Detection” with NNDDA (National Narcotic Detector Dog Association) and has instructed in numerous National Conferences.  He has also served as a Trial Judge for many competitions to include the K-9 Trials at the Texas Police Games for several years.  Billy has had the opportunity to work with multiple departments in establishing new K-9 programs and/or evaluating their current ones.  Billy looks forward to continuing his path in K-9 and the future opportunities it will bring to train with K-9 teams and departments across the Nation.

Curtis Steger

Curtis Steger started his career with the Dallas Police Department in 1990.  In 1992, Curtis was selected to be part of the Dallas Police Department Specialized Crime Unit (Deployment). While working the Deployment Unit, Curtis was responsible for the surveillance of high crime areas. He and his unit were able to apprehend multiple, violent crime suspects.

In 1993, Curtis was selected and transferred to the Dallas Police Department SWAT team.  Curtis’ duties consisted of, but were not limited to entry team, door breacher, sniper, rifle instructor, ballistic shoot house trainer, executed dynamic, high risk search warrants, hostage rescue operations, providing motorcade for Presidents of the United States, and distinguished dignitaries afforded a motorcade.  He also provided Counter Assault Team (CAT) assistance for the dignitaries and Presidents of the United States.  Curtis was also responsible for training and certifying SWAT officers with their rifles.  In addition, he trained patrol and SWAT for Active Shooters and Rapid Response.

In October, 2005, Curtis transferred to the Dallas Police Department Canine Squad, where he is currently assigned.  In 2012, Curtis became the trainer for the Canine Squad.  Curtis’ duties consist of, but are not limited to, Canine Trainer, teaching patrol techniques and drug detection to handlers and their K9 partners.  He has successfully selected 7 canines and trained them along with their handlers. Curtis certified the teams in patrol and narcotics.  He has performed countless narcotic warrants with DEA and assisted the Dallas Police Department Patrol Division with felony apprehension and narcotic search arrests.

Curtis has been certified by the Texas Commission of Law Enforcement (TCOLE) as an instructor.  In addition to the instructor certification, Curtis is also certified in the following areas:

·         TCOLE Instructor Certification

·         Canine Conference

·         Strategic National Stockpile (SNS) Motorcade Training

·         Bloodborn Pathogen (CAT program)

·         Tactical Medical Course for SWAT Officers

·         Tactical  - Advanced Crisis/Hostage Negotiation Course

·         DMST/Weapons of Mass Destruction Training

·         Dallas Medical Strike Team Training

·         First Responder to a Barricaded Person

·         Basic Rappelling and Helicopter Ins

·         Chemical Agents/Less Lethal

·         Duty & Weapon Entry Skill Enhancement

·         Terrorism School

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