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Our training addresses the individual needs of the K-9 Unit Supervisor and/or Commander. We help to prepare you for the challenges you may face while over seeing an agency K-9 program. Our instructors bring to the table many years of actual experience in K-9 operations and administration.

K-9 Unit Supervisor Course

Bob Eden is president of Eden Consulting Group. He has authored two books and teaches throughout the world with his International Canine Conference. Bob is considered an expert Patrol Dog
Instructor - Tactical Instructor - Tracking - Chemical Munitions - Narcotics – Explosives. He brings many years of expertise.
Eugene Ramirez, LLC - serves as an advisor to several public entities on the issues of use of force, canine and SWAT issues and policies and procedures. Mr. Ramirez has significant expertise on civil liability arising out of the use of police dogs
in law enforcement. He has lectured widely on the subject to police departments nationwide and provided training to thousands of canine officers and supervisors, from around the country and Canada, over the past 20 years. He has authored several articles for the USPCA's "Canine Courier."
Ron Cloward handled three K-9’s. He was the unit sergeant and
trainer for 6 years. Promoted to Lieutenant in 2006 and remained the unit Commander and Trainer. Retired in 2011 and continues to teach, train and consult. His 27 years of experience will provide the
new or existing supervisor with lots of great information to help with their continued success.
This class will offer you the best outline of information you will find in any supervisor course. Our instructors will teach from experience and have the resumes to back it up. You will receive training in the following areas:

 L e g a l U p d a t e
 H a n d l e r S e l e c t i o n
 C a n i n e S e l e c t i o n
 B u d g e t i n g
 P o l i c y
 U s e R e v i e w
 U s e R e p o r t
 Critical Incident Review
 C l a s s S c e n a r i o s
 How we get Sued
 SWAT vs. K-9 (Liability vs Reality
The Problem Handler

There will be many other topics discussed and lot s of time to answer your ques t ions .
Trainer selection, training program select ion and monitoring will be among the topics. We also discuss the importance of unit audits and the upcoming trend of body worn cameras.

When students from prior classes were asked what they liked most about the course these were their comments:

The Instructors knowledge and insight into the supervision of K-9 teams in both large and small agencies.

The interaction between instructor and the students.

The interaction between the class and the instructor.

Group exercises and open discussion.

Scenario based training

Information is very useful

Excellent knowledge base from the instructor and great opportunity for networking.

All questions were answered satisfactorily and the instructor could give examples of the things he taught.

The wide variety of topics and the vast knowledge of the instructor. It was also great networking with other agencies.

Course was based on documentation and hands on experience from past experience.

The practical group exercises. It gave me a lot to think about and facilitated networking.

I appreciated the interaction the group discussions facilitated between supervisors. I gained a lot of valuable information and perspective from the folks at my table.

I enjoyed the group projects. Its interesting to hear how other departments do/handle things.

The wealth of knowledge provided to me from the instructor. Mr. Cloward had a wonderful way of keeping the class's attention and projecting his years of experience in a manner that made me feel comfortable and not awkward about my lack of experience.