Top Dog Police K-9 Training and Consulting

Our School Safety and Detection Program


Our detection creates a deterrent and reduces the presence of drugs, abused medications and weapons on school grounds.  We accomplish this through the use of highly trained detection canines and handlers who are retired law enforcement .

Our program is successful because we:

·         We are experts in K9 Liability

·         We will assist in the development of school policy

·       We provide a tool for substance abuse prevention

·       Our proactive approach sends a message to students, parents and the community regarding the presence of drugs and firearms

·       We help to eliminate the need to “lock down” a campus


We provide unannounced visits and work closely with each client to determine the appropriate number of visits to provide the greatest benefit.  There is no such thing as a school too small or too large for us to accommodate.

At each site, a designated coordinator will escort the canine teams and observe the inspection activities. We normally inspect lockers, gym areas, common areas, vehicles, vacated classrooms, and perimeters of school property.

For schools that are unfamiliar with the use of dogs, we:

·         Assist in the development of policy

·         Provide legal briefs on the use of dogs in schools

·         Develop a communications program for students, faculty, administrators, parents, and the community

For schools that are familiar with the use of dogs, we:

·         Assess the existing program

·         Offer suggestions

·         Develop an effective transition program

As a private agency, we provide service to your locations without the same challenges faced by law enforcement agencies.


If you are interested in implementing a detection program on your campus, we will:

·         Meet with you to discuss your needs

·         Provide canine demonstrations

·         Attend any required school board or other meetings to answer questions

·         Provide assistance in defining or amending school policy to incorporate the use of detection canines

·         Provide informational programs for parents, the community, students and school employees