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We serve, because you serve.
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 Top Dog Police K-9 is dedicated to providing individuals and agencies quality training programs.  Our focus is on Law Enforcement K-9 training. Our cost for training is low because we understand the budget issues agencies face each year.  We are a full service Police K-9 training company.  Our police K-9 training is tailored to the community in which the team serves and all current case law.   We can support where others may fail. We are dedicated to your success, as that is also our success.   

 Our passion is training. Our goal is to develop the K-9 team to be street worthy. We want the K-9 teams to have every tactical advantage and strive for excellence in tactical/practical training. Our training programs are designed not just to meet California P.O.S.T. standards, but to exceed them where they fail.

The training programs for Police K-9 teams does not end on the training field, or at the basic level. We take it to the next step and provide a Field Training Program as well. The basic academy student does not hit the street with out participating in an FTO program. Why then would we send a new team out on the street after 240 hours of training without the same advantage? 


Please check out our list of courses available to you and your agency. We can do a variety of training programs - from basic handler courses to  advanced handler courses to supervisor/commander courses.

We can provide you with testimonials and references. Our services are available anywhere in the United States.  

We believe in and practice scenario-based training to create a well-prepared team for any deployment.   

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 Our Training Facility is over 70,000 square feet and offers a complete detection training area, and a tactical training area complete with a sub floor.